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At first glance, there’s not a lot to separate the GoPro Hero4 from its predecessor, the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. This is mostly a good thing, as buy CBD products means compatibility with a wide array of accessories and mounts; the camera’s incredible popularity means it’s easy to find all manner of compatible kit from GoPro itself and aftermarket manufacturers.

The Hero4 is available in two versions; Silver (£279) and Black (£359). The Black model has a faster processor and can shoot in higher resolution or higher frame rates while Silver has a built-in touch display. It’s ideal for framing your video and photos, and for providing a more intuitive method for changing settings. An optional LCD Touch BacPAC accessory (around £60) brings similar functionality to the Black edition. The Hero4 isn’t waterproof without its separate casing, so you’ll lose any touchscreen functionality as soon as it’s enclosed.

If you’re after a smaller form factor GoPro then you might want to consider the GoPro Hero4 Session. The newer diminutive cube-shaped camera is considerably smaller and lighter than both the Silver and Black and also benefits from 10m of waterproof protection without the need for a separate case. The Session does lack some of the higher resolution and bit rate settings of the Silver and Black, however. It also has an integrated, non-replaceable battery, which could also prove a problem for those out on long shooting session who are used to swapping batteries in the field. Still, now that it’s officially available for a reduced £249 it’s a valid option if you value a small form factor. If you’re only after an entry-level camera or have a tighter budget, GoPro has its Hero range available.

The casing for the Hero4 Black is the same as previous GoPro cameras, using the same spring-loaded buttons that still take a bit more effort than we would like to press. You still have to remember each button’s action for navigating the menus, too.

You get two case back doors, with the standard door providing waterproofing to 40m. The skeleton backdoor doesn’t protect from the elements but the open back allows for better audio capture. There are mounts for flat, curved and vertical surfaces included, but you’ll need to put the Hero4 in its case to use them.

A mini USB, a micro HDMI connection and a microSD slot are all hidden behind a cover. Annoyingly the cover detaches completely and is small, making it easy to misplace whenever you charge the camera. A hinged flap would be preferable as this was a fault we had with the Hero3 as well. GoPro has since acknowledged the issue with its newer cameras, with the Session and Hero range now all using hinged flaps that don’t get lost so easily. The mini USB port can be used for charging, copying images and footage to a computer or used with an optional 3.5mm microphone adaptor (£16,

If you’re mixing and matching GoPro cameras with newer models from the Session onwards, it’s worth noting that newer GoPro cameras now use Micro USB for syncing and charging, which is preferable. It does now mean carrying two different cables if you have older cameras, however. It’s same to assume all future GoPros will now use Micro USB.

A very functional iOS, Android and Windows Phone companion app lets you control the camera’s settings as well as play back captured video via Wi-Fi direct. Once connected it was intuitive to use and was preferable to changing settings directly on the camera itself. The app also lets you copy footage from the Hero4 for sharing and uploading to social networks.

The app has a live view, which makes up for the lack of an LCD display on the Black edition. There’s around a half second delay between the camera and phone; it’s not quite as quick as Sony’s HDR-AZ1 but it’s not too jarring and certainly helps with framing shots. With Wi-Fi direct turned on, Wi-Fi will remain active even if you turn the Hero4 off, with a blue light blinking on the front of the camera to let you know.

This means you’re able to remotely turn the Hero4 back on from your smartphone, but also means you’ll need to manually disable Wi-Fi to ensure the battery doesn’t drain while you’re not using the camera. We forgot a few times and came back to a dead battery, which was unfortunate. Holding the settings button on the side quickly toggles the Wi-Fi on and off, which is convenient provided you remember.
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